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When thinking about how to help companies and organizations grow and strengthen relationships, we know a strong story told the right way in the right voice is a proven way to engage audiences, grow brand fans and, ultimately, move people to action. When we can extend that story through compelling, sustainable content, everyone wins. 

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(2020- 2021)

Strategy | Show Creation | Branding & Marketing | Program Management


Because of You, presented by Strength for Service, was created to share real-life stories of men and women who sacrifice so much for so many – the countless front line and first responders who deserve to be reminded there is a high calling to their work – and a divine God who sees and feels their pain, who shares in their celebration of a life saved or grief of a life lost. Whatever they are feeling or experiencing, we want to remind them they are not alone.


(2017 - 2020)

Strategy | Show Creation | Branding & Marketing | Program Management

Contracted by Group1001 in 2017 to develop a content platform to advocate for the belief that youth sports, as a strategy, can drive positive and lasting social change, Brand Talkers worked with V2 Content, Horrow Sports Ventures, and Unknown Studio to create Power of Sports.


A monthly 30-minute television show presented by Group1001, Power of Sports shared inspiring stories of people, organizations and communities connecting through sports to create opportunities for vulnerable youth, helping them find the motivator they need to go to school, stay in school and prepare for life beyond the classroom.


Each month’s show took viewers into conversations with industry thought leaders to understand how different sports and business organizations are creating grassroots opportunities to engage youth and help drive positive social change. 


Each show was filmed in a different U.S. city, showing what’s possible when people work together for the greater good of others.

Power of Sports aired on multiple Fox Sports Regional Networks across the United States. Show content is archived on 

Chevy Music Showcase was created to help the Oklahoma Chevy Team Dealers claim a position as the “Official Vehicle of Bricktown," Oklahoma City's downtown entertainment district. The decision was made to wrap the Chevy brand around Oklahoma’s rich local music scene and tap the passion of music fans to grow future purchase consideration.

What started as a marketing strategy for Chevy in Oklahoma City quickly gained traction in other nearby Chevy markets. Chevy Music Showcase was extended to St. Louis, Kansas City and Dallas/Fort Worth. 

Spanning a five year period, we had the pleasure of filming and promoting more than 90 independent artists, and discovered amazing new music along the way.

From inception to every execution point along the way, Brand Talkers, with the creative help of producer/director Tommy Smeltzer and SNAP! Productions, along with multiple program partners, created a high profile brand and robust promotional offering to keep the local Chevy brand front and center around “all things music.” Anchored on TV and web, and supported through social media, print promotion and local events, this year-round short-form documentary series was designed to help Chevy dealers connect emotionally with current and future customers, through a passion for music and discovery.


We’re happy to say Chevy Music Showcase lives in perpetuity on YouTube. 




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 Strategy | Show Creation | Branding & Marketing | Program Management

Chevy Music Showcase by Region

Chevy Music Showcase | Oklahoma City